NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Stakeholder Economics and Corporate Performance Management

Speaker(s):  Dave Vincent, The Information Group
Meeting date:  June 8, 2004

In 1987, NCR’s Chairman Chuck Exley held an International Stakeholder Conference in its Dayton, Ohio, headquarters. A few years later, when AT&T Chairman Bob Allen made a move to acquire NCR shares in the market at $60/share, Exley replied that the price was too low and didn’t reflect the true value of NCR’s stakeholder relationships. Allen didn’t get it at the time--nevertheless, while grumbling about Exley’s “stakeholder stuff”, he ended up paying over $120/share. Sarbanes Oxley, Balanced Scorecards, Corporate Dashboards, and other issues are in the news today. Underlying these is the need for and understanding of stakeholder economics and sound stakeholder management. This presentation will explore how stakeholder-based management can substantially improve corporate performance.  

Dave Vincent is a well-known global executive, certified professional consultant to management, author and speaker. His knowledge is built on over 25 years of holding top executive positions with high technology companies around the world as well as extensive consulting to senior corporate management. Dave's creative thinking on the global economy's impact on organizational structures, the design of business processes, financial and human resource management, marketing and business development, and managing information technology have earned him a reputation as a leading expert. His book, The Information-Based Corporation: stakeholder economics and the technology investment, published in 1990 in English, Japanese, and Spanish, broke new ground and led global corporate transformation.

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