NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Skype – A Conversation on the Future of Telephony

Speaker(s):  Stuart Henshall
Meeting date:  May 10, 2005

Skype is redefining telephony for both traditional carriers and threatening mobile networks. In just over 18 months Skype has grown to 35 million registered users worldwide, and more than 1% of the worlds broadband users are on Skype at anyone time. Skype is the leading VoIP (Voice on the Net) application and is redefining telephony as just Software.

Stuart Henshall is referred to as the Skype blogging evangelist and is actively engaged in nurturing the SkypeAPI developer community.  Stuart is editor and founder of the Skype Journal the leading source for news, views and support and of Mosoci LLC a strategy innovation practice focused on mobile social  communications insight.  Stuart has spent the last three years actively engaged in collaboration tools, blogs and wiki’s.

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