NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

What is Behavioral Economics and Why are We Studying It?

Speaker(s):  Roger Mack
Meeting date:  October 11, 2005

Roger combines both the theory and practice of economics in his research and analysis of the current economy, including his perspective on fiscal and monetary effects of policies and trends. At our February meeting, he will evaluate the relationship among economic policy, the current recession, and future recovery and will discuss likely directions for macroeconomic theory in the New Economy.

Roger is a fifth generation San Francisco native and member of Economic Policy Institute, Stanford University, Silicon Valley Round Table, and National Association for Business Economics. He is widely published and lectures on the social impact of economic and political policy, futurism, the California and Santa Clara County economy, business forecasting, demographic and labor force changes, social-political trends, and experimental economics. By dividing his time between academics and business applications, Roger is able to provide a practical yet theoretical perspective on economic conditions. He received his doctorate from Syracuse University and has received numerous awards for his teaching.

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