NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

"Whatever Happened to Penny Candy"


Prashant Marathay's love affair with Economics began in 1983 when he became involved with Junior Achievement.  He followed that passion to the University of Arizona where he graduated with a degree in Economics and started working as a Financial Analyst.  Since then he has had the opportunity to work at some of Silicon Valley's finest companies including Intel, Apple and Google intertwining Economics, Engineering and Manufacturing.  His talk today is entitled TANSTAAFL (pronouced Tans-ta-fal) and "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy".

Meeting date:  March 11, 2014

"Whatever Happened to Penny Candy" is a book by Richard J. Maybury in which the theory of Economics is outlined in an easy to understand way.  If everyone read this book it would change the way people approach, money, government and the world of finance.  Those who fail to study history are destined to repeat it and it could not be more true than with the story of Penny Candy.

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