NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

“A Deep Look at Our Economy”


Hanieh Bazargan is the CFO of Weather Tech Fasteners LLC.  She received her MBA and a second Masters in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. Hanieh has great passion for Finance and Economics. Since 2007, she has been analyzing the economy via her private newsletters addressing 150 readers. Mrs. Bazargan was among the very few economists who accurately warned her readers against the crash of 2008. She also helped save her real estate clients from the real estate bust. Hanieh is now warning her readers and the general public against another devastating financial meltdown. Last but not least, Hanieh is a Martial Artist who finds Tae Kwon Do a major part of her life.

Meeting date:  April 8, 2014

“A Deep Look at Our Economy” will quickly look at the global economy while emphasizing and carefully examining the U.S. financial landscape and how it will affect the future. Hanieh will highlight some of the major issues that got us to this point. She will also offer potential solutions that could help us advance from the status quo.

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