NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Holiday Luncheon
The Sizzling U.S. Economy: Will the Bay Area Finally Be Pulled Along?

Speaker(s):  Anne Ramstetter Wenzel, Econosystems
Meeting date:  December 10, 2003

Anne Ramstetter Wenzel, owner of Econosystems (Menlo Park, Calif.), is an economist, market research consultant and business writer who provides entrepreneurs with strategic economic and market information for use in business decision making and long term planning. Ms. Wenzel's articles have appeared in the Microenterprise Journal, The Entrepreneurial Parent Resource Center (, and Small Business News for IdeaCafe ( She has appeared on The News Hour with Jim Lehr, and has been quoted in the San Jose Mercury News, Computer World, CBS MarketWatch and the San Francisco Chronicle. Ms. Wenzel was recently honored for forecasting accuracy by the Bank One Economic Forecasting Center at Arizona State University.

Sizzling Luncheon

What is on the menu? Pork Barrel special for the main course and Rocky Recovery Road for desert?

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