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Oct 14, 2014:  The Fairshare Model
Karl M Sjogren
May 13, 2014:  The Economics of the Poor in Silicon Valley

Greg VonGehr is a Stanford MBA - retired computer executive - his wife is a Stanford oncologist. He is the Chair of the Santa Clara County Salvation Army.

Gregory H. Von Gehr has over 35 years of management experience having served as CEO or CFO of numerous industrial companies and as President or Managing Director of several investment firms.  As an operator, he has managed both start ups and turnarounds while raising over $100 million in growth capital.  Most recently, he served as CEO of Henley-Putnam University ( from its nascent level into a premier, accredited educator in the field of counterterrorism and intelligence training with bachelors, masters and the first-ever doctorate degree in this field.  As an investment manager, Mr. Von Gehr served as Managing Director of a San Francisco based private equity fund, Lombard North America.  Previously, he served as General Partner of a limited partnership investing in leveraged buyouts, as President/Founder of an NASD licensed investment firm and as Vice President of a private placement venture firm.  Mr. Von Gehr began his career as a consultant and served as a Manager at McKinsey & Company.  He received his MBA degree from Stanford University, an MSc. Degree in economics from the London School of Economics & Political Science and a BA degree in economics from Pomona College.  Married for 38 years with one adult child, he is a founding lay leader in the formation of an Anglican diocese in Northern California, serves on the Development Committee of the Anglican Church of North America and is presently Chair of the Advisory Board of the Salvation Army in Santa Clara County.  He is an avid ocean sailor and holds a USCG license.

Apr 8, 2014:  “A Deep Look at Our Economy”

Hanieh Bazargan is the CFO of Weather Tech Fasteners LLC.  She received her MBA and a second Masters in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts. Hanieh has great passion for Finance and Economics. Since 2007, she has been analyzing the economy via her private newsletters addressing 150 readers. Mrs. Bazargan was among the very few economists who accurately warned her readers against the crash of 2008. She also helped save her real estate clients from the real estate bust. Hanieh is now warning her readers and the general public against another devastating financial meltdown. Last but not least, Hanieh is a Martial Artist who finds Tae Kwon Do a major part of her life.

Mar 11, 2014:  "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy"

Prashant Marathay's love affair with Economics began in 1983 when he became involved with Junior Achievement.  He followed that passion to the University of Arizona where he graduated with a degree in Economics and started working as a Financial Analyst.  Since then he has had the opportunity to work at some of Silicon Valley's finest companies including Intel, Apple and Google intertwining Economics, Engineering and Manufacturing.  His talk today is entitled TANSTAAFL (pronouced Tans-ta-fal) and "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy".

Feb 11, 2014:  High Spped Rail
William Grindley
Jan 14, 2014:  Smart Phone and Smart Device Security

 Jerome Svigals

Jerry was the father of magnetic striped cards and tickets. As an early pioneer in self-service banking at IBM, Jerry coordinated of all IBM electronic banking standards worldwide. Has authored 28 books on smart cards and electronic banking. He has been a frequent speaker at more than 300 finance industry conferences on the future of banking including technical and systems trends. Jerry is the owner and CEO of the Smart Card Institute.

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Apr 12, 2004:  2003 Annual Report
Feb 3, 2005:  2004 Annual Report
Al Moon
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Dec 4, 2010:  2011 Board Ballot
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Dec 10, 2013:  2014 Membership Form
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Feb 27, 2012:  A Cubic Mile of Oil
Ripudaman Malhotra, Ph.D.
Apr 28, 2004:  April 2004 Newsletter
Apr 4, 2006:  April 2006 Newsletter
May 13, 2004:  Equity Markets and Liquidity Theory
Madeline Schnapp, TrimTabs, Inc.
Jan 31, 2005:  Investment Outlook for 2005
Bud Conrad
Oct 15, 2004:  Membership Application
Mar 1, 2003:  Newsletter and Outlook
NABE Silicon Valley
Dec 15, 2004:  Projections for 2005
Bud Conrad
Nov 17, 2004:  Reserve Accumulation: Implications for Global Capital Flows and Financial Markets
Matthew Higgins and Thomas Klitgaard, The New York Federal Reserve Bank
Apr 1, 2002:  Silicon Valley Forecasts
NABE Silicon Valley
Jan 3, 2005:  Silicon Valley RoundTable 2004 Member Survey Results
Claire Starry
Nov 6, 2006:  SVRT November 2006 Newsletter
Ken Jacobson, Editor
Aug 31, 2003:  The Death of Progress and the End of Imagination
William M. Reichert
May 2, 2003:  The San Francisco Bay Area Economic Outlook Spring 2003
Sep 1, 2003:  The San Francisco Bay Area Economic Outlook Summer 2003
Nov 14, 2012:  Wall St. Perspective on the Health Sector and Health Reform
Summary of NABE annual meeting session prepared by Anne Ramstetter Wenzel
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$80 Oil and the Dog That Did Not Bark

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