NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Bay Area Real Estate and Mortgage Trends for the Individual

Speaker(s):  Henry Kobbeman, Retired, Stanford University. Author of kobecon newsletter.

Henry Kobbeman, retired from Stanford University and author of the kobecon newsletter. Henry is a founding member of SVRT and served as its Secretary until 1996.  He holds graduate degrees in Business Economics and Financial Management from the University of Chicago.

Henry will discuss the Bay Area real estate market, including an analysis of trends in monthly median prices, home sales, and the total "market" defined in dollar terms as "price times quantity. Henry routinely provides an analysis of the Bay Area housing market for his clients in his monthly newsletter, kobecon, designed to be educational, informational and non-partisan and to correct, discuss, and analyze some of the media distortions of facts about the housing markets.


Date:  May 12, 2009
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