NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Selling Residential Solar—A Market Based Approach


Claire Starry, TDS Economics, and Gerald Bernstein, Stanford Transportation Group

Summary:  Claire and Jerry will discuss a market based approach to meeting and even exceeding the California Solar Initiative (CSI) goals for residential installations that involves identifying households that currently have financial incentives to install rooftop photovoltaic systems.

Claire is Treasurer of the SVRT Chapter and president of TDS Economics, a research and consulting organization. She frequently contributes to MBA and college economics courses as an adjunct faculty member.

Jerry is Managing Director of the Stanford Transportation Group, which he co-founded in 1995, and also Director of the Advanced Transportation Technologies and Energy program at City College of San Francisco (CCSF); in this capacity, he has become NABCEP-certified in solar installation and has led development of CCSF's Solar Installation course

Date:  October 13, 2009
Slides:  SVRT Presentation Oct 13 2009.ppt
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