NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Is Intel a Monopolist?


Mike Bruzzone, Camp Marketing Consultancy

Date:  November 10, 2009

Economics Lab bring your calculator: Mike Bruzzone of Camp Marketing Consultancy will share production economic and wave form analysis supporting Federal Trade Commission Intel Corporation competition case investigation.

The presentation will examine Intel production short run quantities and price to validate monopoly and competitive profit points for considering marginal social cost and benefit. Through interactive participation attendees will scrutinize select Intel Pentium production short runs gaining insight into marginal, total and variable cost. 


Mr. Bruzzone will detail supporting aspects from his eleven years of technical assistance to the Federal Trade Commission and California Department of Justice on the Intel case matters. Research for decomposing Intel system structure into individual working components will be addressed. Greenfield areas of study to complement current research tracks will be proposed.

Case topics of interest to economists, industrial scientists, cyberneticists, system theorists, business managers and attorneys will be covered.


From 1991 through 1998 Mr. Bruzzone held various marketing positions with Intel x86 Horizontal competitors Cyrix, NexGen, AMD and IDT Centaur.  Participating in multiple PC, board products and five x86 microprocessor introductions, presentation will detail industry and academic findings for FTC current formal investigation of Intel Networked.


Camp Marketing is an executive consultancy specializing in Intel competitive strategy, whole product definition, market cultivation and product commercialization. Mr. Bruzzone holds a B.A. in Advertising from San Jose State
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