NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

NABE Silicon Valley RoundTable

Merger Waves and the Current Market for Corporate Control

Speaker(s):  James Van Horne, GSB Stanford University

Jim Van Horne
Stanford Business School

James Van Horne is the A.P. Giannini Professor of Finance, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. He has been a professor at Stanford since 1965. Jim holds an undergraduate degree from DePauw University, and MBA and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. Prior to joining the Stanford faculty, Jim was in the U.S. Army, a commercial lending representative at Continental Illinois National Bank of Chicago, an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. He is the author of numerous books, including Financial Management and Policy, Fundamentals of Financial Management, Financial Market Rates and Flows and some sixty articles in finance, economic and management journals. He serves on the board of several major corporations and is an associate editor of the Journal of Fixed Income and on the editorial boards of Asia Pacific Journal of Management and the Global Business and Finance Review.

Jim is a Past President of the American Finance Association and the Western Finance Association. He has also served as a director for National Bureau of Economic Research, a member of the Emerging Markets Advisory Committee of the Securities & Exchange Commission and a member of the Workers’ Compensation Rate Study Commission for the State of California.
In 1982, Jim was became first recipient of distinguished teaching award by MBA students, and received the award again in 1997.

Date:  February 10, 2004
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